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Visualize your performance

Get organizational performance data on-demand from any perspective.

Automate your scorecard
Customize your view
Streamline executive reporting
Information at your fingertips

Automate your scorecard

Managing all your KPIs and initiatives in Spider Impact enables easy updates and analysis.

  • Manage big-picture strategy

    Spider Impact automatically rolls up your weighted measures to objectives and perspectives so you can see how well you’re executing your overall strategy.

  • Track low-level KPIs

    First, set your goals. Then update your KPI values manually or with automated data feeds. Each KPI gets a score and a color of red, yellow, or green, so you know where to focus your attention.

Bring your Balanced Scorecard to Life KPI Performance Widget

Take a Test Drive

Experience Spider Impact in a test environment (don’t worry, we’ll provide the road map) or schedule a live demo.

Align your team

Get everyone in your organization on the same page.

Understand your impact
Create accountability
Facilitate collaboration

Understand your impact

Help everyone in your organization understand their role in your strategy and success.

  • Understand strategic roles and contribution

    Spider Impact communicates your strategy to everyone in your organization. Every employee is then able to see how their role contributes toward those big-picture goals.

  • Visualize dependencies to ensure you meet your goals

    Achieving your objectives may involve coordinating many people and tasks. If one person doesn’t complete a task, performance is at risk. With Spider Impact, you can view initiative dependencies across objectives, departments, and teams, and take action to get back on track.

Strategic Roles And Contribution

We built the entire platform around the notion that informed employees stage life-changing transformations for our clients, and that’s what drives growth.

Chris Hamrick Chief Strategy Officer, HairClub
Chris Hamrick Chief Strategy Officer, HairClub

Manage your initiatives

Use Initiatives to make sure you’re meeting your strategic objectives.

Initiatives in strategic context
Connect initiatives to objectives

Initiatives in strategic context

Drive better outcomes by viewing your initiatives in the context of your strategy.

  • Capture key initiative progress

    Spider Impact gives you a real-time view of your initiatives’ progress. That means you can quickly make changes when they're not helping you meet your strategic objectives.

  • Optimize your investments

    View the impact your initiatives are having on your overall strategy. Invest in initiatives that are successfully driving improvements, and end ones that don’t.

Project Performance Insight Overall Positive Impact

Features & Benefits

With Spider Impact, you can create, implement, manage, and continuously improve your strategy and performance.

Deliver Immediate Value

Spider Impact can be up and running quickly and inexpensively for any organization. For organizations that have their scorecard and strategy ready to automate, you can easily enter or import your existing data. For organizations that are still working out strategic plans, Spider Impact can be used during the planning phase to help you quickly define your strategy and scorecard.

Data Sharing Made Simple

No more compiling lengthy PowerPoint presentations! Using Spider Impact, you can assemble your strategy maps, reports, and dashboards into a multi-slide briefing—then drill down into the live data to run a highly interactive management meeting.

Methodology Agnostic

Built to be methodology-agnostic, Spider Impact works with ANY performance management methodology, including Metrics & KPIs, Balanced Scorecard, Earned Value Management, and more.

Balanced Scorecard Institute Endorsed

Spider Impact is the only software officially endorsed by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. If you use the Balanced Scorecard methodology, we’re the best solution out there.

Services that Suit You

We’re committed to your success. In addition to free videos and webinars, we offer customized training and consulting services to maximize your return on investment in performance management. Our team of experts are here to meet your unique needs in every phase of your implementation and growth. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

Spider Impact can be accessed for better decision-making anytime, anywhere. We support all digital devices, so you can access your performance metrics whether you’re using your laptop or your mobile devices.

Flexible Deployment Options

Spider Impact is available in the cloud so you can completely take the burden off of your technical resources. Or, you can host the application in your own data center. Now there are no obstacles in the way of driving better organizational performance.

Safe & Secure in the Cloud

If you decide to use our software in the cloud, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. We have processes and safeguards in place designed to protect the assets and data you entrust us with. We cover all of the details in our Data Center Security and Support Guide.

Take a Test Drive

Experience Spider Impact in a test environment (don’t worry, we’ll provide the road map) or schedule a live demo.