Go from Beginner to Expert with Spider Impact Training Videos

Going from 0 to Power User

This curated training flow provides everything you need to go from absolute beginner to power user with Spider Impact. Watch videos that guide you through key features step-by-step, building your skills interactively. Learn how to log in, build scorecards and dashboards, create charts and maps, build reports, set alerts, create strategy maps, and much more. By the end, you'll have hands-on experience with our complete platform.

Videos (18)

We recommend watching these videos in order, but feel free to skip over any topics you're already familiar with or that don't apply to you.

Spider Impact Overview

Overview of Spider Impact 5.6

This is a full tour of Spider Impact 5.6, focusing on how different types of people use the software.

Logging into Spider Impact

Logging In & Home Section

Logging in, overall navigation, and the Home section - including Alerts, My Measures/KPIs, Measure/KPI Updates, and My Tasks.

Balanced Scorecard Creation

Creating Scorecards

How to build scorecards, create new organizations, and create & manually update Measures/KPIs.

Scoring and Colors

Scoring and Colors

Explains the normalized scoring system and associated colors employed by Spider Impact that provide intuitive visibility to business performance.

Performance management software templates

Advanced: Building Scorecards Using Copy, Templates, and Rollups

If you're building multiple scorecards with similar measures, save a lot of time and effort by using Copy, Templates, and Rollups.

Initiatives Tasks and Milestones

Initiatives, Tasks, and Milestones

Introduction to creating Initiatives, Tasks, and Milestones and how to relate and present those elements along with the scorecard measures they are intended to affect.

Building Scorecards via Imports

Building Scorecards and Initiatives via Imports

Automate the creation and updates of scorecards/initiatives from spreadsheets and databases.

Business intelligence datasets - creating and using

Creating and Using Datasets

Learn about the business intelligence layer that powers all of Spider Impact. Create, links, update, and explore unstructured data. Create dataset KPIs powered by underlying data.

Creating data collection forms and sharing them outside of Spider Impact

Creating and Sharing Forms

Forms is a section in Spider Impact that allows you to build forms that add and update dataset records. It’s perfect for supplementing datasets with additional fields that aren’t tracked in the system of record, but it’s also great for collecting and managing data that isn’t stored in any system of record.

Creating Strategy Maps

Creating Strategy Maps

Quickly auto-generate and customize a strategy map in Spider Impact.

Creating Charts for KPI Software and BI

Creating Charts

Learn about how to create charts, including line, bar, pie, area, donut, and many more. Add analytic items like trend lines, forecasts, reference lines and bands, and stacks.

Creating data collection forms and sharing them outside of Spider Impact

Creating Geographic Maps

You can create geographic maps in the Charts section that visualize your geographic datasets data. They're fully interactive, allowing you to zoom in and out, filtering your data by region. You can even embed maps on dashboards.

Create reports for full BI with strategy

Creating Reports

Create reports for scorecard items, initiatives, and datasets. Sort, apply formatting, group, aggregate, and more.

Creating Dashboards

Creating Dashboards

Build dashboards with the free-form canvas using chart, bubble, note, speedometer, image, and text widgets.

Presenting Performance Data with Dashboards

Creating and Using Briefings

See the value of Briefings for presenting performance data and learn how to quickly create them.

Creating Bookmarks in KPI Dashboards

Creating Bookmarks

Create bookmarks for yourself and other users in Spider Impact.

Creating Users and Groups on Dashboards

Creating Users & Groups

Create and manage users & groups within Spider Impact.

Creating and Using Calendars

Creating and Using Calendars

Create and manage system calendars within Spider Impact.

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