• Welcome Message and Logo in 3.1

    By default, the welcome message and logo on the welcome screen is disabled. This can be enabled in the application administration settings, however.

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  • Prevent IDs from Displaying in 3.1

    There is now a “Display IDs” administration setting that can prevent item IDs from showing up in the software.

  • Advanced Password Controls in 3.1

    System administrators have new password controls in version 3.1. They can enforce strong passwords and they can choose to lock out users after a certain number of failed login attempts.

  • Sort and Filter Groups in 3.1

    When editing groups, administrators can now sort groups in reverse alphabetical order or filter based on group type.

  • Import Users from Spreadsheet in 3.1

    Rather than manually adding users one at a time, administrators can now import multiple users at a time via spreadsheet. To start, just click on the “upload spreadsheet” button.

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