• Unsubscribe Links in Emails in 2.14

    There is now an unsubscribe link in all emails sent by the software. When a user clicks unsubscribe, they are taken to a form where they can choose to unsubscribe from email notifications for a particular user account or for all accounts that share a common email address.

  • There is new configuration option in the Administration section where you can choose the number if invalid attempts allowed before an account is locked.

  • Resetting Your Password via Email in 2.14

    There is now a “Allow password reset via email” configuration option.

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  • You can now change the drilldown attribute for multiple dashboard objects at the same time. When multiple objects are selected, the drilldown options are limited to “Default” and “None”.

  • In the past, the spacing between lines for dashboard text objects was too much for smaller fonts. The software now makes the spacing to be proportional to the text, which looks much better when mixing font sizes.