• History and Send To in briefings UI in 3.1

    Briefings have a new briefing-level menu where users can view the briefing’s history or export the briefing to various formats.

  • Info and History Dialogs in 3.1

    There are now history buttons in the upper right corner for most screens. When you click them, you will see a dialog containing an audit of everything that has happened to the currently selected item.

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  • When users update metrics with new values, sometimes it takes a few minutes for the software to calculate the new scores. When this happens in 3.1, there is now a message indicating that the data you are viewing is out of date.

  • When you update a metric value, it saves not only that metric value, but also its thresholds like goal and red flag. This is so that you can track changing goals over time.

    When you edit a metric’s default threshold in 3.1, you can now choose whether to override these historic thresholds or to only use the new defaults for future updates.

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  • Annual Measure Data Report in 3.1

    The second new report in version 3.1 is the annual measure data report. This is similar to the data shown on the Scorecards Measures tab.

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