• Scores in Metric Equations in 2.13

    Hierarchy object scores can now be used in metric equations. The new syntax to reference a score in the current period is:

    And a score from the previous period is:

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  • In the past, when a user was deleted, their audit history records were either deleted or not useful. The software now remembers the names of deleted users and displays them in the history.

  • The scorecard owner/updater report now has a modern user select that allows you to search for users. This matches the functionality in other places in the software.

  • Dashboard Edit Windows Stay Open in 2.13

    When you’re editing a dashboard, the windows now stay open until you click somewhere else. For example, you’ll now be able to add multiple dashboard bubbles by just clicking multiple times in the tree. Similarly, you can now change multiple things in the “Showing” menu at once too.

  • If you select multiple dashboard objects of the same type, you can now change all of their settings at once. This includes things like shape, font size, fill, and the data they show.

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