• New Geometric Mean Aggregation Type in 3.2

    There’s a new KPI aggregation type called geometric mean. It’s a way of calculating the average of multiple numbers that is used in various statistical models. The technical definition of geometric mean is the nth root of a product of n numbers.

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  • Choosing “This” for Equations

    You can now choose “this KPI” in Scoreboard or “this measure” in QuickScore when building equations. This allows you to make self-referential equations, for example goals that are 10% higher than the previous year’s actual value.

  • It’s now easy to see what numbers go into a calculated KPI value. Equations can be very complex, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand the nuanced differences between aggregation types like “sum” and “use equation.”

    Although this explanation gets a little technical, don’t worry, the software is easier to use than ever. The only thing that has changed is that you can hover your mouse over a number to see how it was calculated.

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  • Hyperlinks in Text Widgets in 3.2

    You can now add hyperlinks to other websites inside of text widgets. Just select whatever text you want to use for the link, click the hyperlink button, and type the address of the website you want to link to.

  • Align Dashboard Widgets in 3.2

    You can now select multiple widgets and then align them with top, bottom, right, left, middle vertical, or middle horizontal alignment. In this example we’ve selected four dashboard widgets.

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