• Import Users from Spreadsheet in 3.1

    Rather than manually adding users one at a time, administrators can now import multiple users at a time via spreadsheet. To start, just click on the “upload spreadsheet” button.

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  • New Administration Screens in 3.1

    System administrators will find the four new administration screens in 3.1 very helpful. The first is the Diagnostics screen. This can tell you if you have any problems with your servers, databases, or licensing.

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  • Archive Completed Initiatives in 3.1

    Completed initiatives can now be archived in version 3.1. This is very helpful in maintaining your initiatives as you use the software over multiple years.

  • Deleting an organization is a very serious and impactful action. To avoid accidental deletions, users now have to type the word “delete” when they want to delete an organization.

  • Organization items can now be promoted to the top of the organization tree.