• Prepend for Templates in 2.11

    In previous versions of the software, administrators could choose to append text to all template copies for scorecards and dashboards. In version 2.11 you can now also prepend text.

  • Copy and Paste Reports in 2.11

    You can now copy and paste reports. If the source and destination organizations have similar scorecard structures, the report’s filters will automatically remap to the new organization too.

  • You used to have to choose a calendar like Monthly or Yearly when embedding reports into the Dashboards section. Now you can choose “Current Calendar” to reference the overall dashboard’s calendar. (Changing the embedded dashboard display options will not affect the source report.)

  • There is now a calendar period selector in the Reports section. All relative periods in reports now reference this calendar period selector instead of the computer’s current date.

  • One of the biggest changes in 2.11 is the new way to assign view organization permissions for groups.

    This is how groups were edited in previous versions of the software. There is a collapsible “Advanced Permissions” box where action permissions are assigned by checking the various boxes.

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