• Overlapping Area Chart Series in 2.10

    In version 2.10 you can now display overlapping area charts in addition to the existing stacked area chart functionality.

  • It used to be very difficult to get dashboard objects to be the same size.

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  • Dashboard Templates in 2.10

    Version 2.10 also now has dashboard templates. These are very similar to scorecard templates and allow for easy maintenance of multiple similar dashboards.

    This example dashboard belongs to the “Franklin Laboratory” organization. Both dashboards objects are for scorecard objects in the same Franklin Laboratory organization.

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  • Scorecard Templates in 2.10

    One of the most exciting features in version 2.10 is scorecard templates. This allows users to quickly create multiple scorecards with the same structure. Then, when changes are made to the source scorecard, the same changes are automatically propagated to the copies. This makes maintaining similar scorecards much easier.

    To create a template scorecard, start by copying any existing scorecard.

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  • New Search and Replace Options in 2.9

    The last things I want to show you that are new in version 2.9 are the three new search and replace options for editing multiple scorecard nodes in Report Writer. The first is append to the end.

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