• Sending Alerts to Group Types in 2.8

    In version 2.8, administrators can now send instant alerts to all users in the system or to all users who are in a specific group type. For example, if the system were undergoing maintenance, the software administrators could send out an alert to all Power Users to notify them of this.

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  • Locking Scorecard and Note Changes in 2.8

    Another great feature introduced in 2.8 is the ability to lock note changes in addition to metric value changes after a certain amount of time. Both of these are set per calendar in the Administration section. Just like the ability to edit values, notes will always be editable by application administrators.

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  • Catch-up: Easier Dashboard Editing in 2.8

    You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet over here at the Spider Strategies blog. We've been hard at work on a major new software release that isn't quite ready to announce yet. Until then, I have more than a few exciting things to share about version 2.

    I'll be posting here once or twice a week until I'm able to work though our backlog of new functionality announcements. As you're about to find out, we've been busy.

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  • 2015 Strategy Execution Summit

    We're excited to officially announce our second annual Strategy Execution Summit with the Balanced Scorecard Institute! Join us May 19-21 at the Park Hyatt in beautiful Washington, D.C.

    For more information, including registration details, check out the official conference website.

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  • The SQL Server 2100 parameter limit is a pain to code around when selecting lots of rows by ID and using batches of parameterized queries doesn't seem to perform very well.

    This performance study shows that you should definitely stop using batched parameterized queries for selecting rows by ID. They should be replaced with a temporary table approach for large batches, or constructed SQL strings if temporary tables prove unworkable.

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