• Progressive Enhancement

    It's an exciting time in web development. New versions of web browsers come out all of the time, offering web designers tools that never existed in previous versions.

    Yet it's always a balancing act. We want to use the latest whiz-bang functionality in our software, but we don't want to alienate customers who still have to use browsers that are a few years old. What is a software company to do?

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  • Everything that's new in 2.5

    We've created a page on our website that covers everything new in version 2.5. Most of the things you see there have already been covered in previous blog posts, but it's a nice one-page resource to see everything in one place.

  • Miscellaneous 2.5 Enhancements

    In the last update to the software, we added the ability to add tags to scorecard objects. In 2.5 you can now reference these tags in the report writer. Users can add a tag filter in reports to only return scorecard objects with a particular tag, and they can add the tag field to the reports they create.

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  • In version 2.5 there is now an "update metrics" button directly underneath the "Actual and Threshold Values" box on the Scorecards Overview section for metrics.

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  • New Button Behavior in 2.5

    We've made a couple of big changes with how buttons work in 2.5. First of all, we've moved the buttons outside of the dialogs. In previous versions of the software, dialogs that didn't fit completely on the screen had scroll bars. This worked well except for the fact that users would have to scroll to the bottom of the dialogs to click the action buttons like "save" or "cancel".

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