• Do you need to hold groups accountable for scorecard objects? Version 2.3 allows you to assign groups as an owner or updater. You can even choose to notify each member of the group when it has been assigned or unassigned an owner or updater.

  • New Chart Writer Options

    Did you know that in version 2.3 you can change the color of your charts? There are options to change the line and bar colors or remove the background color. You can even turn off the shininess and rounded edges to make your charts look more two-dimensional.

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  • Six Computer Tips from a Geek

    As a software developer, I work with computers all day every day. Some things that for me are second nature, I discovered are not at all obvious to someone who doesn't use a computer as often. So, I thought I would write up 6 tips that can save you a lot of time if you are having trouble.

    If you are trying to learn a new program, try playing with it for a few minutes. (Play? Yes, this is actually fun for geeks.) Don't try to accomplish a specific task. You don't know the program yet, so you won't get anywhere. Instead, hover your mouse over icons so you can read their descriptions and click on menus and read the options. Try out any options that sound useful or unclear. A few minutes playing with a program is often more beneficial than hours spent in training or reading a manual.

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  • In version 2.3 you now have the option to include the complete scorecard structure in the metrics report. Just click the "edit report" button and select the option to view parents. This is a great new way to view an entire scorecard’s structure in one report!

  • New PowerPoint Border Guides

    We’ve got great news if you have ever exported a Dashboard slide to PowerPoint and it was too large for the PowerPoint slide. We have added a dashed line border on the right and bottom edges of the Dashboard to indicate the maximum viewing area within a PowerPoint slide. These dashed lines are just friendly reminders that only show up when dashboards are in editing mode. Any part of your Dashboard that falls outside of the dashed lines may not show up correctly in PowerPoint.

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