• On the road and need to run a few reports? Need to check the latest numbers as you go into the big meeting? Maybe you're gathering data out in the field and want to update your metrics with the freshest data? In CMS 2.1 you will be able to do all this (and more) from your mobile device!

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  • Good Looking Gantt Charts

    Two weeks ago I posted about how I spiced up the graphs in CMS. Well, now it's time for the gantt charts. This is what they looked like before:

    And this is what they look like now:

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  • Design Advice - Look and Feel

    Note: An old college friend recently asked me to critique the design of one of his web projects. I thought some of my advice might be helpful to web developers in general, though, so I'm publishing a few excerpts here.

    Color scheme and ascetic choices are some of the more subtle design decisions, but they go a long way towards improving site usability. Take the video sharing site, Vimeo, for example. Zach Klein, one of my favorite designers, is largely responsible for its look and feel, and he’s done a great job creating a site that just seems easy. Don’t confuse good design with simplicity, though. A lot of effort has gone into making this page look clean.

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  • Good Looking Graphs

    The graphs in CMS get the job done, but they're just not as attractive as they could be.

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  • New 5 Minute Tour

    I just posted a brand new five minute CMS tour to our products page. Just click on the video at the top of the screen to play.