• Our Report Card

    We just got our Past Performance Evaluation from Dun & Bradstreet, and things are looking pretty good! With an Overall Performance Rating of 96, this one is going on the refrigerator.

  • One of the most commonly asked questions during our sales process is the difference between our software and Business Intelligence (BI) software. Here's an answer I wrote up for a customer that I thought would be worth sharing. There are two main differences:

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  • CSS Sprites

    We're always exploring ways to make our software run faster, and in Scoreboard 2.3 we've been able to improve performance in some interesting ways. This post should give you a little peek behind the scenes into some of the tricks we're using.

    Like most websites, we use images throughout our application. Here's an example of an up-arrow image next to some text.

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  • New Example KPI Section

    Today we're excited to announce a new addition to our website. In addition to our software training videos, Spider University now contains example KPIs. We have hundreds of metrics sorted by both department and industry. Take a look and let us know what you think!

  • Scoreboard & QuickScore 2.3 Coming Soon

    Scoreboard and QuickScore 2.3 are coming soon, and will have the following new features!

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