• There’s an entirely new section in QuickScore 3.2 called Strategy Maps. Of course, you could build strategy maps in QuickScore before, but they were called dashboards and were in the dashboards section, which isn’t ideal for something so important to the balanced scorecard methodology. Now, For the first time ever, you can completely build your strategy map perspectives, objectives, and arrows directly in QuickScore, all without needing background images.

  • Announcing Scoreboard and QuickScore 3.2!

    QuickScore and Scoreboard 3.2 are available today, and they're our biggest releases in 15 years of business. We’ve added over 100 large enhancements, most of which were popular customer requests. Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud of this software.

    To help you discover everything 3.2 has to offer, we have free Scoreboard training videos and QuickScore training videos. We’ve also put together a What's New in 3.2 Guide for Scoreboard and a What's New in 3.2 Guide for QuickScore. Finally, we’re hosting a series of free online webinars to walk you through the new features.

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  • Welcome Message and Logo in 3.1

    By default, the welcome message and logo on the welcome screen is disabled. This can be enabled in the application administration settings, however.

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  • Prevent IDs from Displaying in 3.1

    There is now a “Display IDs” administration setting that can prevent item IDs from showing up in the software.

  • Advanced Password Controls in 3.1

    System administrators have new password controls in version 3.1. They can enforce strong passwords and they can choose to lock out users after a certain number of failed login attempts.

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